Week 1 Journal- First Time PLE User!

As new technology continues to affect the way we learn, the need for new learning methods arise. When my professor first began introducing this to us in class the other night, I was initially confused. Why introduce this now when its most of the students last class before they graduate?  After pondering over this for a while it hit me. It’s important in life that we never stop learning new things.  After we graduate, most of us wont continue school and won’t have a professor telling us what we need to learn. This is why a personal learning environment can be very beneficial.

Personal learning environments or PLE ‘s for short, allow for people to create an online environment where they can manage their learning. This environment is based largely on how social the Internet has become. Allowing quick and easy access to multiple sources helps generate more information for whatever you may be researching. The ability to share your PLE and access others is a great tool that supports creative brainstorming.

After researching several personal learning environments, I was really impressed with Symbaloo.com. Their site provides an inviting interface that almost reminds one of an Iphone with the way that it is designed. Each app-like block is a shortcut to a website, document, file, etc. Symbaloo also allows for the user to have multiple tabs so that they can have saved pages with their tools and blocks set up for different subjects of study. The tools and widgets that are provided also give the user the ability to have everything in one place. One example is having the calculator tool right there eliminating the need to search through drawers for one.

I found that personal learning environments can be used as a very effective learning tool. It would’ve been very useful throughout elementary and high school when having to manage my workload. I plan on using Symbaloo to set and achieve my goals for this course. The tools and easy to use interface made it my choice to use when researching topics and doing my journals.

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