Week 2 Journal-Goal Setting

Setting goals is very important when trying to accomplish big tasks or projects. Having goals allows for individuals or groups to measure their success and progress by how many goals they have accomplished. It also encourages a “reach for the stars” approach which usually results in a better overall finished product. Goals provide a good foundation on which a project can build on. Furthermore allowing success every step of the way with minimal hiccups.

There are several different methods out that help when setting goals for what you or your group are trying to accomplish. The first and maybe most important one can take is “State your goals”. Of course this is the first step and while it may seem easy, it is very important to take time when thinking of possible goals. The thing is, if you make your goals too easy, you don’t get much reward out of it. If you make your goals too hard, you never complete them and/or complete them in a timely manner. Furthermore, setting realistic goals will provide you will a fantastic approach and leave great possibilities to be accomplished.

Another great method that will allow for your goals to top notch is “Setting a deadline”. This method carries great importance because without there would be no push to accomplish the goals. Having a set deadline will allow for a continued push forward which will allow to progress to new goals. Having deadline that isn’t carefully planned can result in a bad situation. If your goal deadlines are set with not enough time you can easily miss it, not prepared, and/or put a rushed “product”.

A third goal setting method that will be very beneficial to goal setting is “Develop a plan”. This step is required to be able to know the direction you’re going to take and the plan to approach each goal. Developing a good plan can really launch a project and allow it to flow smoothly. Each plan will allow you to also point out any obstacles or hindrances that may cause an issue to accomplishing a goal.

The methods listed will serve as a good guide when setting goals for yourself or working with a group. The methods are universal between many different situations and will produce successful results if time is taken with them. It is important to remember that there is no magic formula to accomplish things but the key to success is effort.


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